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As a business, your focus needs to be on the core activities that drive revenue and the things that differentiate you from the competition. Managing the delivery of the servers and storage that enables your IT to function is simply a distraction. Sansom IT is a specialist, independent, cloud infrastructure consultancy that finds cloud solutions and vendors that will deliver for your business. We analyse the market based on your requirements and source cloud solutions and service providers that match your priorities.

​​Sansom IT is founded on the principle that IT infrastructure and the associated services like DR and Back-up and Restore should be delivered as a utility. For the customer, this means no ownership or investment into hardware and software, and you only pay for what you use. The service should be delivered by specialist providers who have invested in the technology, people and processes so that you, the customer, don't have to.

We research the cloud market to find innovation and vendors who challenge the accepted norm. No more square pegs in round holes, we source solutions that fit the business, delivered by industry specialists.

Why engage with Sansom IT

We created a logo to reflect our focus and demonstrate a modern approach to a changing industry.

Time: our experience means that we can source the right vendors and solutions in a timescale that suits. Your focus can remain on core business activities and the technology that differentiate you from the competitionPillars.png

Value: through our market knowledge we can find the best solutions available, and we negotiate you the best pricing

Simplicity: we bring clarity to a sometimes overly complex industry

Quality: the service the customer receives must be fit for purpose. Performance, security, functionality, SLA's, etc

We want our clients to regain the focus on their business and the core activities that drive revenue. The delivery of IT infrastructure services should be managed by specialist third party vendors and companies like Sansom IT, working on behalf of the consumer.