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What is a kWAC hour?

The kWAC hour is a single unit of measurement for IT infrastructure usage.  For comparison it operates as IT's version of electricity's kWh or Kilowatt hour.

The WAC or Workload Allocation Cube was created by 6fusuion based in North Carolina, USA. It supplies a standard, impartial view of IT infrastructure and its usage in a simple, easy to understand format. The WAC aggregates the 6 physical resources req uired to operate any software application, into a single unit:

WAC -png2.png 

What does the kWAC hour achieve?

The function of your IT infrastructure is to provide resources to your applications and systems, thus enabling staff to work. Your IT infrastructure is therefore similar in nature to other utilities such as electricity. A consistent supply is required to operate however the impact of delivering the supply needs to be controlled from a cost perspective.

​We must be able to treat infrastructure as a utility and measure, forecast, benchmark, and buy in a simple, transparent model. This will drive operational efficiencies in the enterprise, resulting in lower IT costs, and a more business orientated IT delivery.

Treat existing infrastructure as a utility

The WAC and Sansom IT can help you understand usage and productive capacity of your existing on premise infrastructure. By measuring usage, and converting the data into kWAC hours, a business can see how much of their financial investment is being utilised, or wasted. This is based on the consumption of physical infrastructure resources by your workloads, rather than the amount of resources allocated to the hardware. We can also financially benchmark the cost of delivery in a like for like comparison, irrespective of the hardware specifications, such as CPU speeds.

Buy IaaS in a utility computing commercial model

The kWAC hour is used to facilitate trade on UCX's utility computing spot exchange for IaaS. Sellers and buyers conduct business over an online trading platform where all trades are executed in kWAC hours. Sansom IT operate as broker on the exchange and can negotiate discounts directly with multiple service providers. This is the most economically efficient way to purchase IaaS as the end user organisation only pays for the infrastructure resources their servers or workloads consume.