Sansom IT – Sourcing Infrastructure Solutions

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​​​Usage of Cloud Infrastructure as a Service solutions is increasing rapidly. However, the flat rate commercial model, which is preferred by most vendors, makes it difficult for the buyers to source the value proposition. 

Why? Because each vendor's solution has differing performance levels and pricing models. Moreover, the flat rate model is based on a fixed amount of allocated resources. Therefore, the customer pays full price even though their workloads will on average consume less than 20% of the available resources. 

Sansom IT brokers contracts on UCX’s on demand spot exchange for IaaS in a low-cost, utility or consumption based commercial model. The utility commercial model is facilitated by a single unit of IT measurement the kWAC h​our. The customer pays for the number of kWAC hours used at an agreed rate. This utility model means the customer only pays for the resources their workloads consume, in one case study saving 64% when compared with AWS.

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 To learn more about our IaaS Brokering service contact us on 0333 577 0350