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Finding the right Cloud and Managed Service Providers that meets the needs of your organisation is one of the most important aspects of IT today. However, the task itself is complicated and time-consuming to get right. Get it wrong, and you could be locked into a contract that doesn't enable your staff to fulfil their potential, increases risk, and restricts business growth. Our Cloud Tender service is designed to source and procure service providers and solutions based on in-depth analysis of requirements and our industry experience and knowledge. 

Sansom IT specialise in sourcing and procuring Cloud Infrastructure and Managed Service solutions such as Disaster Recovery, Back-up and Restore, Desktop, Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud.

Why Cloud Tender?
  • Sansom IT does not partner with any service providers. Therefore, there is no incentives or conflict of interests. We are an independent consultancy so that the customer is assured of impartial advice.
  • We use our experience to source specialist service providers who have the products and capabilities that meet the needs of the client's organisation
  • We supply consultants on a fractional basis and collaborate with the customer to ensure we get the right outcomes
  • We bring multiple options, so there is competition for your business and lower service costs
  • Access to specialist IT legal expertise that can review existing and new contract

Cloud Tender is a total service for sourcing and procuring a partner that will enable your organisation to focus on driving growth and revenue, not your IT delivery. Please visit our case study page to see how we have transformed IT delivery and reduced service costs for our customers.  

For more information, please contact us on 0333 577 0350