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​​Enterprise IT and Telephony solutions are evolving. With the emergence of Cloud and Multi-Sourcing the responsibilities of the internal IT function are changing. As more of the technology environment is delivered in a utility model or as a service, the need for internal technical skills diminishes. The modern IT function must have access to experienced Service and Vendor Management skills to get the most value out their solutions that are delivered by third parties.

Balancing business priorities and a heavy workload often means that some of the less visible tasks, such as contract renewal get left behind. This can lead to unnecessary risk to the business and missed opportunity to save money. Continuity is also important to make sure the key agreements and promises between the vendor and your business are not lost when there is change on the customer side.

What we do

Sansom IT provide the vendor and service management skills that a modern IT department needs. We are an independent consultancy that specialises in delivering consumer focused, impartial advice to our customers.  We supply regular updates and monitor service delivery and events so you can focus on your business priorities. We  also assist with works that are outside of  the vendor management scope so your business has  the right skills available to them 24/​7.

IT and Telephony contracts vary greatly in scope of services delivered and contractual terms and conditions. Therefore there is no set service per contract, each engagement is defined and agreed with the Customer. The Service is split into 3 distinct areas.

  • Contract review, completed as part of the setup of the Service
  • Vendor management, tasks completed on a regular basis
  • Chargeable, tasks performed as requested that fall out side of the defined vendor management scope

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