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g_6fusion_logo.pngIT infrastructure is one of the largest sunken costs in any enterprise today. However, we understand very little about its usage and the actual cost of that usage to the business. The true value of IT should be measured on the infrastructure resources (CPU, MEM, Storage) consumed by your workloads, not the amount of resources allocated to the environment.

Sansom IT has partnered with 6fusion to bring real insights into the utilisation and financial costs of IT infrastructure.  We use their single unit of measurement the kWAC hour to supply a hardware agnostic, transparent, like for like, financial benchmark against IaaS service providers.

Metering infrastructure enables better financial decisions based on actual consumption data rather than the TCO of the resources allocated to the environment. The output is a detailed Infrastructure Usage report and consumption dashboard showing:

  • Infrastructure resources consumed in kWAC hours and in their usual metrics
  • Productive capacity
  • Resource bottlenecks restricting productive capacity
  • Financial analysis of deployment costs and benchmarking against alternative options
  • Granular analysis of workload consumption statistics

Please contact us on 0333 577 0350 to learn more about our Infrastructure Metering service.